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SoReal Huanzhen-Large XR paradise is a comprehensive sci-tech theme paradise integrating gourmet, beverage, playing, entertainment, and shopping with XR as the main technology and other immersive technologies.

SoReal Super Experience Space in Shanghai Disney Resort

SoReal Super Experience Space in Shanghai Disney Resort is an XR paradise jointly built and operated by Beijing Dang Hong Qi Tian International Culture & Technology Development Group Co., Ltd and Disney and the first enterprise in the world to operate a large-scale VR paradise in Disneyland. The project was designed around the IP of “Monkey King” in Journey to the West. It is located at the main entrance of Shanghai Disney Resort with an occupation of 4,000 square meters, housing six XR innovative carrier experiences including VR motorcycle, VR horse riding, VR roller coaster, VR go-karting, VR parachuting, as well as three immersive VR interacting activities in the large space. It also established a sci-tech artistic light show with “Monkey King was enlightened to become a Buddha after experienced the whole world”.