Outline the Night Scene of Prosperous Times and Boost Night Economy

SoReal Huanzhen · large-scale 3D light show uses laser projectors and the latest projection broadcast control technology, to reproduce local history and culture with dreamlike modern light and shadow technology. The shocking visual feast enriches the leisure life of citizens and tourists, and boosts night economy.

Light show of ancient city wall of Pingyao

SoReal Huanzhen-light show of ancient city wall of Pingyao was based on the Yingxun Gate of Pingyao ancient city, which has witnessed more than 2,800 years of trials and tribulations. The grand night scene with Yingxun Gate Tower as the landmark made its debut on the 150-meter “painting scroll” with 3D projection, sound, light and electric to achieve the perfect integration of the ancient wall and animation.The super-high resolution of the projection picture of the lighting show surpassed the highest 8K resolution in the current performance market, achieving a comprehensive and accurate coverage of the Yingxun Gate Tower with 13,500 pixels, shocking visitors with a strong visual impact. It presented a colorful picture of the ancient historical and cultural city of Pingyao, where everything looked fresh and gay, showed its profound heritage and development, and even the 1,000-year culture of Shanxi Province.