Celebrity Message

  • Zhang Yimou


    “VR will become a major advanced technology in the next decade and will change our life. Our Chinese original brands will definitely grow into trendsetters.”

  • Shi Yuanchun

    Chief Scientist of Sky Limit Entertainment
    Changjiang distinguished professor of the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University
    Director of the Institute of Human Computer Interaction and Media Integration, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
    Dean of Global Innovation exchange Institute, Tsinghua University
    President of Qinghai University

    I am specialized in man-machine interaction and artificial intelligence. Sky Limit Entertainment has proved that some science fiction has been realized. I believe that miracle will happen in the future through cooperation in programs, industry and technology.

  • Yao Jiangtao

    Extra expert of Aviation Industry of China (AVIC)
    Chairman of AVIC Industry-finance Holdings Co., Ltd
    President of China Trustee Association

    From education, recreation, and health to daily life VR technology will surely pose a great influence on our life. We are very optimistic about Sky Limit Entertainment and its visions. I am certain that SoReal Huanzhen will become a first-class brand in the Chinese VR industry.

  • Yang Yuanqing

    Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group

    “Our partnership with SoReal helps step forward to the VR/AR strategic direction.”

  • He Zhiqiang

    Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group
    President of Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group

    “AR/VR and Device + Cloud service is an important investment direction of Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group. Besides, we appreciate the ability of the SoReal group. Investment in SoReal is a crucial layout for Lenovo in the intelligent ecology. SoReal will establish more strategic cooperation and collaboration with Lenovo.”

  • Long Yuxiang

    China International Culture Communication Center

    "The fabulous performance of Sky Limit Entertainment in virtual vision integrates traditional Chinese culture and technological innovation, inherits the beautiful Chinese culture, and lets the world see this move."

  • Lin Zhongte

    Vice Investment President and Senior Managing Manager of International Business of Intel

    We hope to promote the commercialization of VR technology through this strategic investment in Sky Limit Entertainment, to bring unprecedented remarkable experience, and to spark creative ideas of technology and culture.

  • Li Qing

    Chairman of the board of Shenzhen Wei Yue Investment Group Limited
    Honorary member of the council of Adream Foundation
    Vice Chairman of Fund Development Committee

    We focus on the construction, operation and management of cultural and creative industrial parks. And SoReal Huanzhen is a unique brand of technology and culture. We are looking forward to enhancing cooperation with Sky Limit Entertainment Group to create a brand-new cultural tourism landmark.

  • Yuan Guoliang

    Director of Mango Cultural Creativity Investment Fund

    Mango Cultural Creativity Investment Fund has always been committed to cultural investment and formed a profound understanding of investment in each subdivision. Sky Limit Entertainment has achieved obvious fruit in the VR field. I have high hope for the cultural and recreational achievements of SoReal Huanzhen. I hope that in the future, under the support of powerful ecological resources, Sky Limit Entertainment members can continue to exert themselves and make larger progress to create a better future.