Technical Advantages

SoReal 5G XR Edge Computing Solution

SoReal 5G XR Edge Computing Solution is a cloud-edge-end-combined architecture that deploys distributed computing flexibly.

Centering on VR Interactive systems, VR vehicles, space geospatial technology, 5G cloud render, AI+, advanced sensor technology, and automatic modeling production, Sky Limit Entertainment established technical advantages in VR content development, providing powerful technical support for inside and outside CP content development cooperation. It also established leading technical standards for edge cloud construction for 5G, cloud-native VR content production, encoding and decoding for data compression, and oversampling in AI resolution.

Equipped with intact 5G core network and wireline environment technology, Sky Limit Entertainment has established a 5G edge computing laboratory, formed the comprehensive technology application experiment system that integrates the functions of data center, AI supercomputing center and system cloud service center. In terms of content, the company masters technological superiority in VR content development and is dedicated to build a great metaverse cultural technology company.


E-sports in Large Space

PVP Smart sports in Large Space

The third generation Intel ®Xeon® The high-performance computing processing capacity of the scalable processor, as well as the computing and network advantages created by Beijing Mobile 5G network and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) nodes, have enabled E-sports players to get rid of the heavy VR backpacks and easily compete with each other in the wide arena. The efficient picture rendering, encoding and decoding and transmission capabilities brought by 5G MEC edge computing architecture also enable players to fully immerse in the virtual world and gain an unprecedented new experience of 5G VR games.

PVE Secret Room Adventure in Large Space

Suspenseful plot, shocking scenes, large space free walking, highly cooperative hardware interaction, the new 5G VR edge computing solution allows E-sports players to get rid of the heavy VR backpacks, enabling more realistic vision, more smooth operation, and more agile action. Come on, stand with your teammates and “battle”!

Vehicle Products

VR dark ride
The third generation of the motion structure deserves more expectations

Endless explosions, screen punching, water spraying, spray, heat wave, as well as flying, falling, backward and other special effects experience, whatever you want can be satisfied. Equipped with 4K 90 frame-per-second VR content, players could travel in the majestic sceneries. Different slides + 6DOF motion structure bringing ultimate interactive sports performance deserves expectations.

VR Go-karting

Using advanced engine technology, targeting VR frame rate optimization, VR go-karting ensures that the frame of experience is more than 60fps, bringing no dizzy shock visual impact. Supported by real racing operation equipment, the 3DOF platform with a unique vibration design enables you to appreciate the different road conditions in each bump and turn. The wind blows, engine roars, sound, and light combine to give the players a vivid racing experience as if you are in a real race. Both local area network connection and online battle are supported to experience the thrill of competition; the futuristic integrated car design is a piece of art from any aspect.

VR roller coaster
Thrill of a real roller coaster

The vertical platform structure with eight degrees of freedom and 360-degree rotation ability simulates real roller coaster motions and provides galvanizing excitement. It is equipped with a wireless VR headset and real roller coaster safety buckles to ensure your safety as you travel through land and sea in a variety of immersive fantasy scenes. It is also designed with cyberpunk elements, amplifying the high-tech, futuristic look and celebrating your pursuit of an “unapologetically exuberant” self.

VR Parachuting
Provide the most authentic parachuting experience

The suspended platform with four degrees of freedom enables lifting, falling, trembling, side-to-side deflection, and various other movements. It includes high-fidelity audio + high-powered fan, simulating real parachuting moves to make each jump more "sensational." Also, it provides a 4K stereo cinematic experience, bringing high-definition display and engaging stories; parachuting postures adjustable by pulling the parachute rope, exactly what real VR should be like. It breaks away from the traditional parachute mount support structure and takes on a circular structure, both visually appealing and unique, as well as stable and solid, perfect for helping you achieve each "amazing jump." It is made from glass steel + sheet metal material, showcasing a metal texture, piano lacquer, and futuristic light strips to catch your eyes from all angles.

VR Motorcycling
Travel at the speed of light without leaving your couch

The use of multi-axis tilt servo motion mechanism, realistic motorcycle movement simulation, acceleration, collision, bump, side-to-side swing, and other movements provides the ultimate sense of movement that stands out. Equipped with multiple high-precision sensor distribution, the device helps you experience every turn and acceleration as if you are zooming through a real track. The futuristic design, with LED light strips, creates a look even more high tech and appealing than real motorcycles. You can freely choose from a selection of scenes and difficulty modes. You can even engage in online matches, enjoying the competition.