Create new-generation smart sports

Traditional E-sports are played on mobile terminal and PC, while XR+ E-sports not only allows people to burn calories in free running and jumping, but also enables online and onsite linkage, making it a smart sport. SoReal has been committed to pushing the E-sports industry towards a more diverse and sportsmanlike direction.

Virtual Reality Esport Season (VRES)

Relying on the Intel Masters Challenge (IMC) platform, VRES has been held for four consecutive sessions since 2018. It is a global VR E-sports event initiated by Sky Limit Entertainment, guided by State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of Beijing Municipality and supported by the Publicity Department of Haidian District Party committee and Zhongguancun E-sports Industry Association. In 2020, VERS gathered more than 2000 teams around the world, reaching more than 100,000 E-sports players. The live broadcast exposure of the finals exceeded 60 million, launching a new round of climax of VR E-sports. Relying on its accumulated resourse and advanced technology in VR space area, Sky Limit Entertainment has worked with Intel and China Mobile Beijing to build a new 5G VR edge computing solution to provide E-sports players with brand new E-sport game experience with more realistic pictures, smoother operations, more agile actions, and more unrestricted venues.