The most complete VR industry innovative entertainment experience brand in China
SoReal Super Experience Space “S”

Relying on the operation experience of large-scale projects, Sky Limited Entertainment innovates and incubates the mini store business: The most complete VR industry innovative entertainment experience brand in China, a one-stop solution of VR E-sports in large space, VR secret room of live-action role-playing, VR motorcycle, VR go-karting, and VR challenger. It is an innovative offline business format to entertain all the customers.

The chain store business features full coverage of target customers, high repurchase rate of consumers, high consumption efficiency per square meters, rapid compound growth of stores, etc. during the “China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2021, Sky Limit Entertainment, China Mobile (Beijing) and Intel officially signed an agreement on the “Thousand-store Plan of 5G VR industry”, aiming to build up to 1,000 5G VR offline experience stores in major cities and business districts across the country through the joint efforts of the three parties.

SoReal Super Experience Space “S” will start the franchise cooperation mode in the second half of 2022. Based on the strong brand strength and technical advantages of the Group, SoReal Super Experience Space “S” has now built an OMO fully managed operation support system to help stores to grow mature from scratch through online and offline multi-scenario support, so as to help them reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. Relying on the Group’s international event resources, it provides partners with the dual guarantee of brand and flow.

Highlights of SoReal Super Experience Space “S”

  • Full coverage of target customers

    As the most fully operated project in the industry, it basically satisfies the innovative entertainment needs of all consumption scenes and age groups, such as lovers, parents, and children, and party and team building construction.

  • High consumption efficiency per square meters

    A 10-min to 15-min game costs 80 to 100 yuan. Most customers accept the discounts in form of stored-value membership cards.

  • High repurchase rate

    With the continuous VR penetration in education, entertainment, sports, and other fields, public acceptance continues to improve, covering all age groups, and the proportion of customers’ secondary and repeated consumption is high.

Introduction to SoReal Super Experience Space “S”

Site area 200-300 square meters
Highlights of stores Outstanding experience, rich equipment experience, high membership card application rate and fast return on investment
Device layout VR live E-sports in large space, VR adventure / secret room break-in large space, VR challenger, VR go-karting, VR motorcycle, 360-degree seat for VR movie viewing, etc.
Content of game Self-developed games of SoReal and famous IP
Franchise mode OMO fully managed operation support system covers the whole process of services from opening preparation to stable operation: Site selection guidance, design and decoration, equipment products, technical support, personnel training, marketing assistance, professional after-sales, equipment repurchase, financial services, etc.
Design and construction 25 to 35 days for roughcast house, 20 to 25 days otherwise
Cooperation 010-53310018