Create super offline entertainment formats

SoReal Huanzhen-Large XR paradise is a comprehensive sci-tech theme paradise integrating gourmet, beverage, playing, entertainment, and shopping with XR as the main technology and other immersive technologies.

Wangfujing SoReal Super Experience Space

Wangfujing SoReal Super Experience Space is the first large XR onsite theme paradise in the world. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, it has a number of global initiative products.

The space has patents including: the inside-out positioning technology based on WMR head mount display device developed in cooperation with Microsoft for large-space multi-person VR experience; implementation of the world’s first LBE; The world’s first VR cinema with exclusive R&D of vertigo-free solutions; VR roller coaster with 8 freedom degree, full-sense VR dark ride and other international leading products combined with the international top ID design and human-computer interaction experience. Wangfujing SoReal Super Experience Space was put into trial operation in December 2016. With complete operation data and experience, it has rich market accumulation and has become an internet-famous site for perfect WeChat moments snap for online celebrities.