Mutual empowerment of intelligent technology and culture

SoReal Huanzhen - large scale sci-tech show originated from the new concept performance 2047 Apologue directed by Zhang Yimou, The most memorable is Hangzhou cultural performance of 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit and the “Beijing’s 8-minute Artistic Performance” at the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. The technology show breaks the traditional concept of “stage” and integrates modernized, fashionable, and sci-tech sensed designing. By adopting the technologies of “artificial + intelligence”, “virtual + reality”, the show creates an immersive stage scene.

Enduring Memories of Shaoshanchong

Enduring Memories of Shaoshanchong, the XR patriotic sci-tech showThe great revolutionary work Enduring Memories of Shaoshanchong was born in Shaoshan Mountain, the “hometown of Chairman Mao and the cradle of revolution”. It is a red performance program personally created and directed by Zhang Yimou, an internationally renowned director, co-founder and artistic director of Sky Limit Entertainment. It was performed on the world’s largest “light and shadow matrix” stage: a full-stage area of 2,450 square meters, a light and shadow matrix composed of 468 light bars, a LED super large screen of 570 square meters, a water stage of 370 square meters, a lifting stage of more than 200 square meters, and a 180 ° mirror frame stage composed of two silk screens. With the change of light and shadow lattice, the performance space is expanded to the greatest extent. Enduring Memories of Shaoshanchong shows Shaoshan culture and Shaoshan spirit to the whole country and even the world, awakens the common emotional gene in Chinese people’s heart, brings a refreshing revolutionary tourism experience to tourists, arouses deeper feelings and resonance of the young generation, and creates a new cultural “business card” to Shaoshan Mountain as a world-famous cultural tourism destination, thus becoming a new benchmark to integrate science and technology and revolutionary cultural tourism performance.