A Historical Dialogue Transcending the Times

SoReal has established digital exhibition hall and immersive experience hall to improve the viewing feeling of the audience, allowing the audience to “lose themselves”, as if they were in the historical environment at that time. The hall delivers more history knowledge to the audience and help museums better perform their social function of disseminating history and culture.

Pingyao Science and Technology Art Museum

Pingyao Science and Technology Art Museum uses high-tech cutting-edge sci-tech means, such as extended reality (XR), anti-gravity water fountain device, digital image fusion, multimedia interaction, laser imaging environment and so on, to integrate Pingyao’s local history and art culture into the theme. It leads the audience to experience Pingyao from different time and space dimensions in an immersive manner, realizes the “leap” of time and space with high-tech display, and vividly reproduces Pingyao culture and traditional Shanxi culture.