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SoReal Huanzhen-Large XR paradise is a comprehensive sci-tech theme paradise integrating gourmet, beverage, playing, entertainment, and shopping with XR as the main technology and other immersive technologies.

Liuzhou Xiangyun SoReal Snail Paradise

Covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters, Liuzhou Xiangyun SoReal Spiral Shell Paradise is a large 5G + XR theme paradise for families built around Liuzhou “snail” culture. It integrates gourmet, beverage, playing and entertainment. Liuzhou Xiangyun SoReal Spiral Shell Paradise houses dozens of independently developed large XR games with “snail” as the element, including XR E-sports, XR roller coaster, skiing simulator, VR cinema, VR dark ride, VR live E-sports in large space, VR human-computer games, as well as VR interactive light and shadow show and other high-tech innovative immersive games. By empowering culture with science and technology, the paradise creates a mysterious snail world that has been sleeping at the bottom of the Liujiang River for more than 1,000 years, realizes the wonderful combination of XR cutting-edge technology and local culture in Liuzhou, and brings new sensory experience of a new generation of urban paradises. On January 5, 2021, Hua Chunying, Director of the Information Department and spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised the Xiangyun SoReal Snail Paradise. She tweeted that “SoReal,China’s 1st #VR theme park combining #5G and Extended Reality opened on New Year’s Day in #Guangxi, quite a special gift for local people and tourists. Experience there tells how magic the technology can be.”